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Our residents programme

The YMCA offers our residents a wide range of programmes and support activities. This is to enhance their personal development and provide them with the skills they need to be able to live independently. The programmes we offer include:

  • Formal Programmes

One element of our residents programme is supporting people to find employment

These are mostly delivered through teaching and training sessions either in-house or by external organisations. They often lead to our residents gaining a qualification which may help them when they move on from the YMCA. Typical programmes may include Key Skills Training with both written English and Numbers, Works Wonders - offering support with CV writing, job applications and interview techniques, Basic First Aid or even driving lessons. When necessary the YMCA also provides access to a Counselling Service. Our formal programmes are there to offer people the skills they need to be able to support themselves.

  • Informal Programmes

Our informal programmes allow our residents to gain new skills in an area of their interest. These are often run by YMCA staff and take place in a group settings. Typical activities include Life Skills Training, Basic Cooking, Allotment Gardening and our Personal Development Programme (which uses outdoor and team activities to achieve personal goals).  

  • Social Programmes,

Our social programmes aim to give residents opportunities for social interaction with other residents and the wider community.These may include informal competitions, attendance at local and national events and trips out during holiday times.

All these programmes are interactive and designed with the interests and needs of each the individual resident through the support team.

The YMCA also has its own Computer Suite which offers internet access  as well as a variety of courses such as Beginners Workshops, Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, digital photography & Web Design. Our computer courses are also available to members of the local community.